Charly Bourgain

Augmented Reality Artist & Meta Spark Partner

I create bespoke augmented reality experiences for Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and the entire Metaverse.

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About Me

My name is Charly Bourgain, I live in France and I'm an augmented reality artist. I’m also a member of the Meta Spark Partner Network, a program developed by Meta that brings together the world's best AR creators.

I started creating Instagram filters with Meta Spark Studio in October 2019. I've developed a whole aesthetic around neon lights. I called my style "chiaroscuro cyberpunk" because I like to create strong contrasts using dark backgrounds and futuristic bright lights.

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Featured effects

Neon Vampire

Neon Vampire is a face filter that turns you into a cyberpunk vampire. Smile to reveal your neon teeth and open wide to let your tongue stick out.

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Neon Vampire Demo Video
Playoffs Jumbotron

Effect created in collaboration with the NBA for their 75th anniversary to draw attention to the biggest event of the season: the NBA Playoffs.

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Playoffs Jumbotron Demo Video
Neon Slime

With Neon Slime your face is coated in a gooey substance that reacts to your head movements and randomly changes color.

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Neon Slime Demo Video
Neon Demon

Neon Demon is a face filter that turns you into a monster from hell with fire in your eyes and a neon light passing through your face.

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Neon Demon Demo Video

Charly Bourgain's Blog

Learn about how I'm making my augmented reality experiences and stay up to date with my latest AR effects.

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